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Course 2: Real Estate Investment Analysis

The second course in the program is called Real Estate Investment Analysis. In this course, Roger teaches how to calculate ROIs, cap rates, estimated values of properties, and a bunch of other stuff relating to Real Estate investment.

Here is the manual for course 2 (pdf)

Originally, the course shipped with software to help you calculate everything. The software is no longer under development, and we don’t offer support any more, but you can download and install it if you want to try it out.

Real Estate Investment Toolbox download. Windows only. ~1 mb

There are also web based versions of those tools which are currently being reworked.

Course 1: Real Estate Principles in Practice

This course gives a general overview of the business of real estate, and the various ways people can make money using real estate.

Here is the manual (pdf Format) – Real Estate Principles in Practice

In the next couple of days, I’ll start posting the audio files that make up this course. Originally this came as four CDs, so there are going a lot of them.